Improv Comedy Shows

A fun way to raise awareness, publicity and funds for a local theater is with a famous musical production featuring area celebrities. Choosing a well known show, such as “Chicago” or “Mamma Mia”, will help get people excited and increase ticket sales. Casting local celebrities will make the public want to see the show even more. Here are some local personalities to consider: !! Political Personalities: Try to get the mayor to take part. Also recruit the city council. !! Educators: The high school football coach, elementary school principal or teacher of the year are all good choices. !! Radio/TV Personalities: They don’t have to live in your town. Their shows just need to air in your town. !! High School Stars: Recruit members of the drama club, cheerleader squad or football team. Their participation will bring other teens to the performances. !! Community Heroes: Ask the fire chief, sheriff and little Timmy, who save his grandma’s life by calling 911 while she was having a heart attack. Explain to the local personalities that their participation will not only help the theater,, but will also raise their public awareness and make them appear more likable to the community. It’s a win win situation for all.