Pierce Brosnan said that he lost two best friends because of the coronavirus: “There is a real war”

Despite the fact that many countries have already begun to weaken quarantine, the coronavirus has not gone anywhere. More and more people become infected with the virus. Among those who lost in the battle with a new disease were old friends of Pierce Brosnan. The actor spoke about this in an interview with Parade magazine.

Due to COVID-19, I lost two friends. We have been friends for over 45 years. And I’m the godfather of the son of one of them. It doesn’t matter where you are or how safe the situation may seem at first glance. A terrible threat to life still exists. You must continue to push this stone uphill, continue to live. But we are at war. People die,

– said the actor.

Pierce hopes that from this terrible situation, humanity will nevertheless learn a lesson. For example, how fragile our world is and how carefully you need to treat it.

Quarantine Pierce spends with his wife Keely Shay in their house in Hawaii. In order to be with his family during this difficult time, the actor suspended all his working projects.

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